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Back to the roots.

Do you remember those times when you've been riding in sweatpants and skate shoes, with your friends on an old crappy hardtail, yet still had a banana-shaped grin on your face?

You didn't bother with pivots and other techy stuff that needs maintenance all the time.

How complicated the bike must be to have fun riding it?

Not much.

Our Fate is simple, yet well thought over.

Slack enough to get you down roughest downhill tracks, but still nimble to hit your local pumptrack.

Strong enough to handle drops and kickers with a breeze, yet efficient enough to smoke your fellas on uphills.

Fate features impressively modern geometry, built into hardcore, time tested freeride look.


Fate frame has threaded 73 mm BSA bottom bracket, cable guides for integrated dropper post with size 30,9mm.

It is designed both for 27,5" and 29" with tire clearance up to 2.5".

Fate is all about simplicity. That's why we've chosen external cable guiding for the rear brake and derailleur. Instead of messing up with internal routing, go ride your bike.


The rear axle is 148 x 12 mm BOOST.

Dropouts are CNC machined from aluminum and can be custom painted to match your rig.

We can also shorten or lengthen the chainstay with replacement dropouts in a case, that you would like to tweak the numbers.

Frame price: from 688 EUR

Want to buy it right away?

No? Do you require a custom geometry or paintjob? Wanna both? 

Cool, in both cases hit "I want Fate" and let us get our hands dirty.


Bottom bracket: BSA 73 mm | Seatpost: 30,9 mm | Rear hub: 148 x 12 mm | Headset: ZS44 / EC49 mm

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