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The endless hunt for prfection.



The garage revolution.

This was the beginning of the freeride and downhill era in Slovakia. Simply put, we've started riding faster, flying longer, dropping deeper. The ultimate result of this was a lot of broken frames and crushed dreams of young punksters with zero extra cash in a pocket.

While most of those boys accepted the harsh reality that the bikes are just not strong enough, Vlado Hucko was not willing to comply. He's decided to craft a bike, that will outlast the battle with an unforgiving terrain.

He has poured all he's got into one project and manufactured his first freeride bike, the Devilwork Prototype.

The Prototype was ridiculously heavy, strong, and was assembled with an integrated gearbox, to cut broken derailleurs out of the equation. 

This was how one Slovakian punkster named Vlado Hucko has become the owner of a bike company - Devilwork.

"Once you've cracked the code, there's no looking back"

Shortly after the first success with the Prototype, Vlado has crafted a downhill hardtail - Muro, designed to swallow a long-travel, triple crown fork.



While our first frames has shown Slovakian riders previously unseen potential, they were far from perfect.

Therefore, we've optimized materials, redesigned shapes and came with three new frames. Apophis and Cerberos hardtails, and one singlepivot full-suspension downhill frame named Proteus.


All these frames were built in a same mindset as we make our frames today: stronger, cleaner, faster. 


2009 - 2012_

Our frames have gained trust among the fast racers, so we've taken them under one roof and established the Devilwork Racing Team.

To further fortify relationships within the Devilwork family, we've taken on the Bikepark Kosutka trailbuilding project and shovelled a couple of fresh trails, where bikers are getting wild since 2011.

2014 - present_

The Devilwork company went through some massive changes. We've updated all our frames with new materials and processes again. Then we've released the 10th Anniversary Limited Edition of Chronos, Nyx and Proteus EVO.

The company's name was changed to Devonic.

The next step in Devonic's evolution was a move to bigger premises, that allowed us to breathe easier and deliver higher quality standards to our honoured customers.

In 2018 the next evolution has taken place and we've rolled out another successful bike line of hardtails Fate, Cortez and Tecton, Factor full-suspension rigs.

We've started a collab with other local bike manufacturers to help them develop into fully functioning bike brands faster than it took us.

One of them is a jaw-dropping project from Kinazo Design - Kinazo e1, the world's first 3D printed electrobike.


2019 - 2022_

Roky poznačené pandémiou a boomom cyklistiky sme strávili prácou na dvoch unikátnych projektoch - Babettou kde sme mali možnosť spolupracovať na vývoji a prototypingu - 


projektom unikátneho detského rastúceho bicykla Devonic Former. S týmto projektom nás oslovil talentovaný študent Michal Štalmach a spoločne sa nám podarilo získať na troch dizajnových súťažiach 4 ocenenia

Ak chcete vlastniť tento unikátny rastúci detský bicykel tak navštívte

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