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When we were recently looking for an optimal tool for trailbuilding, we came across two problems - the weight and material.

It was either light and didn't last, or it was heavy and lasted a little longer, but it still didn't last enough.

We've used our experience from the building of Bikepark Kosutka, and chosen our hitherto unsurpassed material in the field of strength - Hardox 600.

What does it mean for you?

Simple. If you somehow manage to destroy the Devonic tool, you will get a new one - Free.



The basic tool of every trailbuilder. This tool can easily handle any terrain. Material used is not just iron jewelery, but Hardox 600! It is a material from which the truck bodies are made. With hardness of 600 brinells and 3 sharpened sides, you can chop roots as easy as never before. This tool is complemented by an engraved handle made of beech wood.

 Weight: 2500 g 

 Shaft length: 1200 mm 

 Metal thickness: 4 mm 

Price: 63 EUR



Like Tatra, Fatra was born from Hardox 600 metal. Compared to Tatra, however, it is 300 grams lighter and more compact. The ideal tool for secret trails, where it is necessary to have just one versatile tool strapped to the backpack. Immortal blade attached to an engraved beech handle.

 Weight: 2200 g 

 Shaft length: 1200 mm 

 Metal thickness: 4 mm 

Price: 63 EUR



An excellent additional tool that can get into holes where neither Tatra nor Fatra can get. It is also a great helper in building flaps and can replace an axe. Whether you chop small roots, embellishing a singletrail or getting wood for BBQ, Matra can do it all. An engraved handle made of beech wood is a matter of course.

 Weight: 1750 g 

 Shaft length: 1200 mm 

 Metal thickness: 4 mm 

Price: 59 EUR


Tailored for you_

Every trailbuilder has their own needs and this is our job, to develop tools just for you so it works best for you and the trails grow like mushrooms after the rain. It is noteworthy that we can create any type of tool.

Devonic tools used in:


Bike Park Jasenská  I  Viktor Novák - Kolovna  I  Martin Kováčik - Mýto Ski & Bike  I  Marián Škultéty  I  Mine Trails  I  Absolute Bikepark Košútka  I  Matúš Voskár  I  Specialized Planet Bikes


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